SAOBA Statement

St Ambrose Old Boys Association wishes to acknowledge the prolonged distress and suffering caused to those fellow pupils of St Ambrose College who were victims of former teacher Alan Morris between 1972 and 1990. At the same time we recognise the strength, courage and persistence shown by those individuals who came forward to the Police and Child Protection Authorities to take the necessary steps which led to his conviction and sentencing yesterday (28/8/14). Our prayers are with you.

We would also like to echo the statements made by both The Governors of St. Ambrose, and the Diocese of Shrewsbury.

St. Ambrose College would like to express its sincere regret for any harm suffered by the individuals concerned.
Those working in education are particularly appalled by any form of child abuse and we find it abhorrent that Mr Morris has been found to have betrayed the trust and responsibility that had been placed in him as a teacher.

The incidents occurred many years ago and we would like to reassure parents, guardians and relatives that we have contemporary child safety policies in place and ensuring our pupils enjoy a happy and secure childhood and adolescence is our absolute priority.

St. Ambrose College cooperated fully with the Police investigation and provided as much assistance as possible and we would like to thank the Police for their diligent and exhaustive approach.

The offences against minors committed by Alan Morris when he was a teacher at St Ambrose College are a source of great sadness and regret to the Diocese of Shrewsbury.

Our thoughts and our prayers are very much with the innocent victims of the abuse carried out by Morris.

We would like to assure them that the Diocese of Shrewsbury is totally committed to ensuring the safety of all children and vulnerable people in our parishes, schools and institutions.

When in autumn 2012 the Diocese was alerted to allegations against Morris it reported them to the police without hesitation and, acting fully in accordance with nationally-agreed and stringent safeguarding guidelines of the Catholic Church, immediately withdrew Mr Morris from active ministry as a deacon.

None of the offences was committed within the context of that ministry.

Anyone wishing to report to police abuse by Alan Morris or anyone else can speak to a dedicated team of officers on 0161 856 7573. Anyone not wishing to speak to an officer can also email them